Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Davis Graveyard on 31 Days of Halloween

A fun look at one of my favorite graveyards. Click on the nice man to view!


  1. This was great! Thank you for posting. :)

  2. Hi ShellHawk,

    Thanks so much for posting our video! Davis Graveyard is absolutely amazing. We're going back on Sunday to shoot a special performance at their open house. We'll have that video ready the following week. BTW, you work is fantastic - love the bloody candy dish and Manitou is SPECTACULAR.

    Eve & Orio

    P.S. Don't know where you are, but we're recovering native Angelinos, too.

  3. We've been checking out the whole "31 Days of Halloween" series and were AMAZED by Davis Graveyard. The commitment and creativity involved there is extraordinary! Just watching the video freaked us out...can't imagine visiting that place live and in person.

    Thank you for sharing with your audience. Hope the rest of October rocks for you. :)


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