Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Progress-The Final Chapter

The pumpkin season was almost a complete bust for me, probably because I was completely unable to tend to them the way they should be attended to. I did get three nice pumpkins out of the deal, though.
The Wyatt's Wonder is on the left, and I'm pretty sure it didn't get to its full size. I think I would have had more pumpkins if I had laid down some slug and snail bait so those little creeps wouldn't have eaten the flowers. The Howden is on the right.
There's always next year, though. More sincerity. More food. Fewer slugs and snails.

I will prevail.


  1. Three pumpkins is still a respectable showing. Nice stems too! :)

  2. I am jealous, I lost all my plants during the summer to oppressive heat.

  3. They look good! Anything is better than nothing, I only had one as of late August and it is completely orange now. Three late pollinations make 4 pumpkins total for me but those three are still green.

  4. They look awesome! Congrats my dear!



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