Saturday, October 2, 2010

Scary 'Crow!

Photos by Folsom Telegraph editor Don Chaddock, who told me this 'crow was considered too scary and too large to be in Folsom's scarecrow contest. Apparently, the small scarecrow by his side is roughly person-size, just to give you a sense of his size. The face is individually welded plates, and yes, that is the back of the pumpkin's head in his mouth!

More of Don's Halloween photos here.


  1. That is awesome! Where is it? In Folsom?

  2. Now, that is what I call a Scarecrow! I like him! This is so much better than those people in my city put in their front yard... you know those little smiling and cute scarecrows. The only way I can think of scaring a crow with these is to run after him wielding these stupid scarecrows in my hands while yelling.

  3. CG- It was in Auburn last year, and it was huge, from what Don told me!


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