Friday, October 1, 2010

Stewie is in the House

Always the first to creep from the darkness to his rightful place in front of the house, Stewie made his appearance right on schedule. Other denizens have been spotted, too.
They're awaiting their brethren (and sistren!) eagerly. Outside, Stewie has been joined by Gnorman's head, which is all that is left of our dearly departed Gnorman. Oskar is awaiting his turn in the spotlight, which once again, will probably include a window display.

Ghoul Friday's Brains Vs. Coffee is my seasonal coffee table book, and is now on the den's coffee table. It's a cute conversation piece and makes my friends roll their eyes. Her Bluebird of Unhappiness (my title, not hers) plague doctor has nested on my mantelpiece, and surveys all around him with either avidity or disdain, I'm not sure which.

There are more to follow, and one thing is sure:

They will be creepy.

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