Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nightmare on Brandywine Street

I've mentioned before that Robert of Brandywine Cemetery is a big supporter of Hauntcast. Now we get to support him by congratulating him on this great article about Robert and Brandywine Cemetery! With all the negative press that seems to come out about haunting and Hallowe'en, it's always great to see a positive article about a fellow haunt community member.

Congratulations, Robert! Great job on the haunt!


  1. We used to live about a mile from their house. It's a really great haunt. Brandywine Cemetery is one of the things we miss at Halloween. His wife was also my daughter's third grade teacher.

    I'm curious about the statistic in the article that 50.1% of people say they decorate their yard every year. Where did they get that statistic? If it's true, I've been living in the wrong places. One of the reasons I go to such lengths with my own yard is I never see much in the way of decorations at any of the other houses and figured there should be at least one house that the kids get a seasonal thrill from. It usually works out that after our first Halloween (our decorations don't appear until Halloween day and vanish before the next morning) is that on successive years, other houses at least put out a jack o'lantern, or some die cut decorations in their windows, but I'm certainly not seeing anything like every other house with a yard haunt out front. THAT would be amazing.

  2. I love that cave! I wish I had that when I was a kid.

  3. I LOVE this haunt! This guy has truly created a haunted adventure that I would have loved to no end as a kid. Kudos, Mr. Beech!

  4. That is awesome. Brandywine Cemetery is one of our absolute favorite haunts ever. We always look forward to see what he is creating.

    Great article featuring one of the greatest haunters. Thanks so much for sharing.



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