Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hallowe'en Insanity Continues

Photo courtesy of Philip Wood, Wanderlust Photography
We all know it's major crunch time now. Hallowe'en is a week from Sunday and it seems, once again, that we need just another week to get props finished, etc.

I feel for you, believe me!

Tonight, a very, very low budget film crew is coming out to film exterior shots for a children's movie which may never get a U.S. release. This means I need to get out today and re-set up things I've had to take down because of rain. There's also the thoughts chasing each other around:

How much do I set up?
Do I need both fog machines?
Should I get the pneumatic zombie set up? Who's going to help me set up the compressor?
Can I finally set up my bride of articulation? Will I have time?
Can I finally get the goddamn witch to stop falling over in a light breeze? Bad enough I can't get her head to turn after all the work I did last year...
Is it supposed to rain today, so I don't have to bother?

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


  1. I SOOOOOOO know what you mean! Work has been insane for the past...oh, six months or so! I have a scarecrow still in pieces in my garage, various beasties haunt is going to be rather spare this year! I think I need to start working on next year right now!

  2. Just discovered this blog from Ghoul Friday's link. LOVE your header! Can't wait to dive into the archives.

  3. I think I'm starting to feel it as well. Except my stress if that my "friends" are terrible at RSVPing for this Sat's pumpkin carving party and only 5 have confirmed. Two of them are me and Kyle. Ugh. I'm half tempted to cancel and do it myself.

  4. Yes it is crunch time and we are all starting to run around like a bunch of freaks! Just last night I was looking at my setup and decided I didn't like it and started moving stuff around. And now I think I will have to take my pictures this weekend because the weather for my section in Pennsylvania is not looking too happy......


  5. 2:42 p.m. Update: Heater core went out on the Explorer. Had to drop off the car at the mechanic's place. Husband out of town till Saturday a.m.
    I have to go to Jack Russell this weekend and have the final firing for my Raku class I'm teaching Monday. How, pray tell, am I supposed to get my kiln, etc there?

    Will probably catch a ride with my buddy who's helping me do the firing. Also, may be able to borrow a truck from neighbors to get my stuff up to Jack Russell.

    May shoot myself and save myself the trouble, instead.


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