Monday, October 18, 2010

End of Summer and Welcome Hallows!

Another great weekend at Jack Russell Farm Brewery has come and gone. On the way home, I stopped at Sacred Paths organic farm to pick up something for dinner. When I ran across these amazing one-pound tomatoes, I couldn't resist one last caprese salad!
 Holy goodnight! What an amazing meal this made all on its ownsome! Fresh tomato (no idea what variety, sorry), basil from the garden, a little olive oil and basalmic vinegar, and you've got a small slice of heaven!

I also found this cool set of skeleton gloves over at the Dollar Store. They glow in the dark, which appeals to my inner child, but who am I kidding? The inner child is the same as the outer one, so what's the diff? 
I don't even care that they seem to be cutting off my circulation. Below is a "customer action photo," taken in my laundry room.
I have to admit, they are pretty darn slick!

I'm putting some things back in the Etsy store, by the way, so check out the store before pickings get too slim! 

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