Sunday, October 3, 2010

News From the Nest

Hi, All! Just a little personal update and a pretty cool heads-up for horror fans.

First, Amazon is having a sale on horror dvds, so if you want to pick up Trick 'r Treat for a song, now's the time! They also have some great Vincent Price collections, the 25th anniversary edition of Poltergeist, and a ton more, just to make it that much easier for us to stay in the Halloween mood this month!

In other news, it turns out that I don't, in fact, have to quit school entirely. I'm dropping my second class of the day, which allows me to stay in  my alternative firing class and get home by noonish, so my idiot dog doesn't destroy his pen and give himself another few injuries in the process. I'm relieved and excited, because this also means that I can enter my sculpture in to be reviewed for the Crocker Art Museum. I know there are a lot of artists far more talented than I, but I still hope to squeak in there. The dog, btw, is doing well enough that we have to keep a close watch on his activity so he doesn't hurt himself more.

Meanwhile, my stint up at Jack Russell Brewery is going well. My mini-pumpkins have been selling, and I have added some mini-ghosts, too. It occurred to me that if I have some of these things available at the end of the weekend, I'll put them up on Etsy, including my pumpkin-headed ghost. Whatever doesn't sell by Friday will come back to Jack Russell with me. That way, if any of you all want something, you have a shot at getting it!
The cyclops, btw, is a hanger, and larger than my usual pumpkins.

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