Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Manitou, Finished!

After a lot of thought and tedious work, my manitou is finished. I decided to go with oxides instead of glazes because I thought the piece would look wrong if it were all shiny, and it turns out I was right.
I'll be taking some better pics of him today and putting him on disc to submit to the Crocker museum Friday.


  1. That is absolutely stunning my dear....really! Wow, wow, wow!!!


  2. wonderful!
    the oxides were definitely the right choice.
    I really love how the sculpture is almost hiding itself from us. It brings a wonderfully sympathetic, human quality to the piece.

    Job well done, Shelley!

  3. THAT is wonderful.
    Just beautiful.

  4. Pretty darn cool Ms Hawk.

    I am SO glad you were able to complete him :)

  5. i really want this, you've got some major talent.


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