Wednesday, October 13, 2010

News From the Nest: Hyperventilation Overdrive Version Follow-Up

Your Mistress of Mayhem wondering if this skeleton makes her look fat.

Well, my fifteen minutes of fame has been extended to sixteen with the article published today in The Folsom Telegraph. It made the cover of the print version of the paper, too! I expect it will be a busy night in the graveyard tonight!

ShellHawk in the news! My, that has an odd, yet pleasing ring to it. I hope it gets more people to donate to the Vista Del Lago Art Department.


  1. Shell, it was a great write up really. Actually a lot more in depth than most articles on Halloween.

    And I was looking to see if you were going to give a shout out to your Hauntcast buddies -- and you didn't disappoint (I love that show!). Great pics too!


  2. I actually gave a shout out to Hauntcast, CalHaunts NorCal, and Folsom Parks and Rec, too, but not everything could make it in there!

    I thought Brad did a great job, too!

  3. Congratulations my friend. That was a great write up and you look always.

    I could not be happier for you.


  4. Congrats again, my dear! Fake Hollywood smooches lol!

  5. Great article! Congrats!
    The pictures turned out very cool, too!

  6. hey, that was a great article! congrats!

  7. That's really great to get your own article in the news! A haunters dream come true. Congratulations!

  8. As I already said to you, I LOVE that picture. You look like the host of a late night horror show. Kitschy goodness.


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