Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bill Me Later

Just so y'all are aware, the Paypal Bill Me Later, no interest for 6 months promo ends in 4 days, so if you want to get a subscription to Hauntcast and qualify for the prizes and discounts it's best not to wait. Additionally, only the first 250 subscribers are eligible to win any of the raffle prizes, so be sure to be part of the next 125 susbscribers or you are out of luck!

The latest? Win a $500 light kit from Mini Spots: Burt from Mini Spot Lights has just upped the ante on his raffle donation - 20 mini spotlights, 10 High output mini spotlights, 1 power supply, spotlight diffusers, 1 dimmer and an assortment of power splitters and connectors. This kit would be a great addition to any home or pro haunt. This set has a value of approximately $500.00. This kit has everything you need to light your scenes and you will have your choice of color for the lights.

Froggy's Fog is offering a 15% discount to all subscribers from April through September, and who doesn't need fog?

Leonard Pickel of Hauntcon has donated tickets for that show, Haunted Overload in Lee, New Hampshire donated two sets of tickets, Haunted Fresno has donated two sets of tickets
Midwest Haunters Convention donated two sets of tickets, and West Coast Haunters has donated two sets, as well.

Michael Brunner from the National Haunters Convention is giving EVERY subscriber a $25 VIP Day pass to the 2012 Convention, so any one that subscribes will already save back $25 if they go to the con. Thank you Mike!

We've hit 125 subscribers and raffled off three of the Juneau Studios DVDs at 100. At 150, we're raffling off three more $70 DVDs. Only 25 more to go! Then three more DVDs go out again at 200. The earlier you subscribe the more chances you'll have to win, because everyone's name goes back in the running (except the previous winners, but they go back in for the big drawing if we hit 250)! There are more prizes and discounts that have been added this week, so head over to the Hauntcast website to get the details.

With all the discounts and prizes, most subscribers will save or win back their money and get Hauntcast for free. (Even if you hated the show-don't tell me if you did!-the subscription is so worth all the discounts!) Think of the subscription to Hauntcast as a $100 raffle ticket and Costco membership all wrapped into one!

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