Sunday, February 26, 2012

John Wolfe of Season of Shadows: Update

I got a note from John's friend, Goldie, and wanted to pass it along to you:
Hospice has been called in.  His nurse is a very gentle and loving soul and is a huge help to John and his parents right now.  John is now able to eat only 100 calories a day which consists of 4 bites of baby food and 3 oz of prune juice.  He is no longer drinking his cranberry juice.  It pains John greatly that he cannot drink water at all.  His love for water goes very deep and not able to drink water has been a painful part of this process for John.  He wanted me to remind everyone again of the TAP project:  and to please help those in need of water around the world.

John estimates his weight around 95-100 pounds.  His organs are starting to shrink, he's having a hard time breathing and his panic attacks have returned.  He can still walk a little bit but it's very slow going and he must sit down right away.  He's really hanging on until his birthday, March 19 and it's defiantly looking as though John is living his last remaining few weeks on this planet.

Some of his fondest memories in his lifetime are that of his Halloween community in the last 5 years!!!  He's adored all of the friends he's made, all of the people he's met and he considers himself a lucky man for having us all in his life.  John wouldn't want his life to end any other way.  Sadly my next update to everyone will be of his passing.  I am in constant tears and can say no more.  Please take care of yourself and drink a tall glass of water for John.

Many Thanks, Goldie
Please take a moment to say a prayer (or send good thoughts or whatever you believe in) for fellow haunter John Wolfe and his family. He gave a lot to home haunters and he will be missed.


  1. I know. I got the email as well and I'm still sobbing. it is so bloody unfair. I'll never forget him.

  2. Thank you for the update! I was just wondering how John was doing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. This is so sad...I cannot even begin to express how I feel...much love to him and his family.


  4. I'm beyond words. Nothing I can think of to articulate the feelings this engenders in me.

  5. It's terrible, and a loss to the haunt community, for sure.


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