Monday, February 6, 2012

Win a Date With Chris Baker! (And Rev, and Johnny Thunder, and the Rest of the Scream Team..).

Some of you may have heard by now that there's a slim possibility that Hauntcast may be coming back.

Talented Scary Lady Terra made a suggestion that a bunch of folks get together and pitch in to bring back the show. No, none of The Scream Team have engineered this behind the scenes; this is an entirely fan-based---um, movement? I guess you could call it that. :o)

Chris called me yesterday, told me he spoke to Rev and JT, and that they and our New Jersey Devil, Grimlock, are all on board to come back, and that he's going to contact Ed Gannon and see if he's interested in coming back, too. Due purely to our personal economics, we all let Chris know we need to actually get paid this time. (I think Grimlock asked for his own trailer, and a jar full of brown M&Ms, too, but that could just be a rumor.)

Terra suggested a goal of 250 subscribers at $100 each, which breaks down to $8 a month, less than the cost of a West Coast movie ticket on a Friday night. The cutoff date is March 8th, at which point the show will either go forward, or stay dead and all the money will be refunded to whomever donated. Head over to the Hauntcast blog to get the particulars or go to the Hauntcast Minions Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

Again, this was instituted by some of our hard-core and loyal fans, so it's the fans who will decide whether the show is coming back. If you want it back, please blog and post about it wherever you hang out in Cyberland. We already have our first subscription (thanks to Chris G.!), and I've received a nice note from JustJimAZ, which I'll share here:
I hope your current campaign to get 250 subscribers by March 8 is a success. 
I have posted links on Facebook and AZ Haunters and some of the forums too.
My subscription $ will be coming this weekend when I get paid, and I'll hit up everyone at our Make&Take in a couple of weeks too.

Some of us never extinguished the ghost light.

Best of luck!
Regardless of whether the show is resurrected or not, I'd like to thank all who have supported us in the past. You guys rock!

UPDATE AS OF 2/6/12 AT 9:06 P.M., P.S.T.:
Juneau Studios is offering any of their DVDs for $20.00, (a $50.00 savings) and a $250.00 gift certificate to anyone who spends $1150.00 plus a 60% discount on freight orders to anyone who subscribes. DC Props has weighed in with 15% off all products except sale items, not valid in September and October.
Those of you who are familiar with these fine companies will know what a great deal they're offering. Their products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality!

A big thank you to both Jay and Brent at Juneau and D.C. for their immediate offers of support. We're very humbled to have such great people in our corner!

And unless there is a serious change or update to share, that will be the last you will hear from me about this. As stated before, this originated with some of our fans, and it's up to the fans to see that Hauntcast either comes back or is permanently laid to rest-- and there will be no reunion tour.

UPDATE 2/7/2012:

So there you have it. If we get 350 subscribers, Chris will drop the subscription to $75.00 and refund your $25.


  1. Have any of you guys/gals ever heard of I know several people who have used it to fund a project.

    I don't have a lot of the particulars since I've never tired to raise money for a project, but it could help get more people interested in it.

    Just a thought and good luck! I'll have to scrounge around and see if I can find an extra $100!

  2. Hi,
    I've never heard of it, but thanks for mentioning it. If a fan or fans wanted to look into that option, great! But the Team isn't going to push this themselves, because we feel it has to come from the fans.

    Hey, look what the fan movement did for Firefly! Joss made Serenity! :o)

  3. Chris has applied to Kickstarter. This, I think, would be the best way to do it.


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