Monday, February 27, 2012

Hauntcast Update, Week Three: Get Chris Baker's Phone Number!

Week three update!

We are so very close to making this happen, boils and ghouls. Please, email, Facebook and Tweet (be sure to use #Halloween, #haunt, #ghostly at the end of your tweet to cast the net ever farther out, and include the web address for Hauntcast) all your haunt buddies and let them know this is happening. Post on the boards, Yahoo lists and anywhere else you can to spread the word so that in April, you'll have a new show to listen to. I've already got some segment ideas bubbling for the Charmed Pot!

A big thank you to all who have already subscribed and have spread the word. We really appreciate all the effort you've put into this resurrection effort and all of us are very humbled by your belief in us and your love for the show. 

I'm amazed at the diversity in our subscribers, too, btw. Jon Leong from Singapore just subscribed, and it turns out, he is quite the accomplished star in that neck of the woods!

Remember, the six months, no interest Pay Me Later Paypal promotion is ending tomorrow, so if it's easier for you to pay your Hauntcast subscription in increments of $16.66 a month, don't hesitate to get 'er done!

Keep it up, we only have until the 8th of March to nab that last 117 subscriptions!

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