Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thanks to the Tambu Lounge!

As strange as it may seem, I don't know everything. Crazy, right? Rest assured, it's true. For instance, I knew nothing of the existence of the Tambu Lounge, even though I love me a good Tiki Bar!

What's even more embarrassing, if that's even the correct word, is that the Tambu Lounge knows about me. More specifically, the Tambu Lounge knows about Hauntcast, and even went so far as to do a really nice post about the show. It was really surprising, especially considering that the blog, though it does post about Hallowe'en from time to time, is not specifically a Hallowe'en blog!

The Lounge was even kind enough to mention the Paypal "Bill Me Later" option, which allows you to pay off your subscription in installments of $16.66 per month, and as long as you pay it in six months or less, it's interest free. Of course, at six months and one day, the interest accrued hits all at once, but most people can afford the option and can pay before the six months is up.

In any case, my thanks go out to the Tambu Lounge for spreading the word. I am not worthy!

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