Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frightening? Well...

I always find myself sucked into watching this whenever it comes up on satellite TV: The Frighteners (1996). I can't believe that I've been posting since 2008, and I've never posted anything about this film!
"Looks like I ain't shootin' with blanks no more!" Love John Astin in the role of the Judge.
Jeffery Combs as the neurotic and slightly unhinged Milton Dammers.

Michael J. Fox? Yes!
Jake Busey starring as the deranged serial killer Johnny Charles Bartlett. Love his howie-style shirt!
Peter Jackson, the writer of The Frighteners. I had no idea he had written this. No wonder it was so good! Check out cast and crew info on IMBD.

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  1. Peter Jackson also wrote Dead Alive ( which was also shot in New Zealand.

    Looking at Dead Alive and Frightners you would never guess he would end up creating Lord of the Rings would you?


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