Saturday, February 11, 2012

Updates-Hauntcast Magazine? Maybe

Hi, All. There are some new Hauntcast updates I feel compelled to share, because things are really looking better and better.

I realize some of you are sort of put off by all the Hauntcast stuff that's been going on, so I apologize to those who are in that camp. It'll all blow over soon, one way or the other, and things will go back to whatever passes for normal around here.

First up: Resurrect Hauntcast banners. Gary B and Dminor were kind enough to make banners for folks to put in their signatures, on their blogs, etc. If you feel moved to do so, go right ahead. Just link it to the Hauntcast Subscribe page.
There's a new sidebar banner available, too.

Grimlock has stepped forward and volunteered to create Hauntcast, The Magazine, with prop how-tos, horror reviews, and other yummilicious haunted goodness in old-school papery magazine form. Here's the latest updated list of discounts, plus the word is that if our goal is met, there will be a raffle, prizes listed below. 
Can Hauntcast be resurrected? Can you re-animate the Scream Team? There is a fan based movement underway to bring Hauntcast back from the nether-realm. This is the last and only chance for Hauntcast to live again. If 250 fans subscribe for $100 Hauntcast will be back on the air in April. That’s less than a movie ticket once a month. The haunt industries best vendors have stepped up to donate thousands of dollars worth of discounts as well as spooktacular prizes if 250 subscriptions are reached by 3/8/12.
Juneau Studios ~
Save $50 of their DVDs. You pay $19.99, retail price $69.99.
Receive a $250 certificate for any order of $1150 and save 60% on freight orders.
DC Props ~
15% off his amazing props and mechanisms *except sale items, not valid September and October.
Fright Theatre ~
15% off all product *except sale items, not valid September or October
Dark Imaginings ~
20% off our changing portraits, $75 off custom changing portraits, as well as other discounts on our other products and services (graphic design, web design, video effects, etc).
Mini Spot Light ~
15% off all lights
Necrotic Creations ~
15% off their entire product line
Monkey Basic ~
20% off all software
Vox Noctis Voiceovers ~
$50 off any custom made voice over.
ShellHawk's Creations ~
15% her amazing hand-made pottery and FREE shipping.
DBGgraphix ~
50% OFF a logo or poster design for their haunts.
Ghosts of Olde Towne Petersburg will be starting up with the very first haunted walking tours on selected nights in April.  Hauntcast fans can purchase 50% off admission tickets. That offer is good for the entire 2012 season.
Total Terror! Haunted Attraction - 50% off admission price by purchasing tickets online.
Hauntcast the Magazine –
Get a free subscription to Hauntcast the magazine.
If we reach our goal will will be raffling off prizes Such as:
DC Props – Spitter mechanism
Juneau Studios – (10) $70 DVDs
Fright Theatre – Prop
Mini Spot Lights – LED lights
Necrotic Creations – $100 cameo
Woodloom – $55 Celtic Tombstone
Terra – Handmade tombstone of choice
Vox Noctis – $100 dollar coupon
Dark Imaginings – $49.95 value 11×14 changing portrait. You can pick the portrait.If the 11×14 is too large for them then they can choose a smaller version (5×7 or 8×10). The winner will have to pay the shipping fee, though, which is $10.
and more to come!
THIS JUST IN: The Undertaker just offered an across the board 20% discount to all Hauntcast subscibers on his Haunted Hot Sauce, the only hot sauce that comes in its own, hand-made cedar coffin! 

AND: a new raffle prize from Juneau Studios:

Yes, the Lizzy Borden Mirror, a $2500 value. Two feet tall by fifteen inches wide, it comes with four DVDs: Blood Writing, Clown Changing Portrait, Poltergeist Portrait and Lizzie Borden. Each subscriber has not one, but two chances at winning this amazing prize!

As if that were not enough, Allen Hopps of Stiltbeast Studios has officially offered to do the prop segment to complete the Scream Team and take on the prop guy's red shirt. Brave man!

With all the discounts and offers, your subscription more than pays for itself. And if we, by chance, hit 350 subscribers, the cost of the subscription goes down to $75, and the difference will be refunded to everyone.

Lastly, Chris Baker's last word on this whole thing on YouTube.

If you are one of those people who loves to get your monthly dose of haunting via podcast, you'll know that the Hallowe'en and haunt podcasting field is starting to look pretty desolate these days. Rue Morgue is officially gone, unfortunately, and RFR is unable to consistently produce shows due to health issues. Hauntcast has the experience and the passion to bring you the best season, yet, or, die forever. Whatever.

Lastly, a random picture I took at my local Hallmark store while searching for Valentine's joy for Mr. ShellHawk. If you actually read down this far, you deserve it!
I posted it to my Facebook page, addressed to all trolls and haters. I'm still working on that whole "refraining from commenting thing." It's not really a comment though, right? It's just a sign.


  1. tombstone up. thanks for the updates on this.

    about the sign- it amuses me that Alec Guinness reportedly hated that movie so much, he suggested his own death just to make his involvement stop. i love that film, yet totally see his point. he called it fairytale rubbish. LOL

    can you imagine? he was olivier's fool, for the love of all that is holy!

  2. So cool! Thanks for the banner info... definitely going to post that on my blog!!!



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