Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Image via Squidoo
Via The Cemetery Traveler Blog
Image by bricunin
Image by Xavier de Jaureguiberry
Really gives me some great ideas for the coming Season. I need to go back to my Chicago Graveyard post, part 1 and Chicago Graveyard part 2 for more. We're heading to Chicago in June, so look for more cool shots then!


  1. Oooooh. Those are pretty. I lurve cemetery sculpture. The woodmen gravestones were my favorite as a kid. Which sounds really bizarre.

    Hey- question for ya. If you did not have a kiln and you wanted to make sculpture that could withstand serious wind and wet, what medium would you use? I'm considering Monster Mud, but I don't know if I can make it hold up to weather. Papier mache was clearly a disaster.

    Knock three times if you have any thoughts on the matter. ; )

  2. VERY cool! I especially like the top one! I too am adding a mourner to my graveyard this year but she's going to be more of a visitor than a stone. Check out the cover art of The Birthday Massacre's Pins & Needles album to see what I mean. I'd send a link but the spambots would then have their way with us. (yikes)

  3. Have you been to the mausoleum at Rosehill cemetery? I wish I could have had days in that cemetery. The Tiffany windows in the crypts are stunning. We only had a couple of hours at Bohemian National Cemetery after we spent most of the day at Rosehill.

  4. OFH, No, never been to Rosehill! Where is it?
    Undertaker: Can't wait to see the finished mourner!

  5. Love the mourner kneeling in front of the mausoleum. I copied that pic to my file for a future prop.

    pensive pumpkin, Monster Mud is quite durable when exposed to the elements. After it dries, I paint my MM props then apply two coats of deck sealer. Each year thereafter when I take them out from storage I give them another coat sealer.

    Yet I've also gotten good mileage from my papier mache props too by protecting them with a similar process. Sometimes they might get a little spongy or soft after a soaking October rain but they stiffen right back up when they dry.


  6. These are amazing pictures. I have found myself roaming through the cemetery here in Buffalo and it has some amazing imagery like this one. (Plus Rick James is buried there!).
    I just stumbled upon your blog and I need to really sift through it but from an initial quick look, I'm loving it. :)

  7. Welcome, Lady Bethezda, and thank you for the compliment!

  8. These are all stunning & amazing- thanks for sharing!

    I can't imagine how long it look an artist to carve something so beautiful & lifelike out of a block of stone.


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