Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wicked Wheel

Image via Park Benches and Book Ends Blog
I splurged and got myself a copy of Midnight Syndicate's latest album, Carnival Arcane.

It immediately brings to mind one of my very favorite rainy-day films, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Close your eyes and you can hear it: the crunch of autumn leaves in the field where the carnival lies waiting. Breathe deeply, and you can smell it: the odor of popcorn and cotton candy and things less identifiable yet slightly disturbing to the lizard brain, which float on the crisp breeze. Listen to the music, the sound of calliope and tuba, floats on the air, too, dragging you along, almost, almost unwilling. And your feet must follow. They must always follow.

Yes, a tasty and creepy offering from this dark and delightful group. Happy Valentine's to me, and to us all.

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  1. I'm a HUGE Midnight Syndicate fan, and that was my immediate response to this album as well! In fact, I'm planning on digging out my copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes and reading it while this plays in the background this coming Autumn!

    I know Nox Arcana also did a circus/carnival themed album, and I quite like that one as well. Still, between the two I'll go with Carnivale Arcane. It just REALLY captures the feeling of Bradbury's classic novel!


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