Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yes. Do Drink the Kool-Aid...

It's funny that my neighbors were initially a little spooked when the graveyard first went up a couple of years ago. Then offers of help came, and a few mannequin parts (which I haven't gotten around to using, yet) and now, this year, requests for their very own tombstones! A couple of the guys have offered to help make some cool cemetery columns, as well, which is great, as I prefer not to use power tools because I am dangerous!
They're drinking the Kool-Aid, and I am so stoked!
One gal is involved with the high school I run my display to donate to, and there's a strong possibility that with them and the help of the local Rotary, I'll be able to help the school set up a haunt of their own as their yearly fund raiser! 
Husband, who is not a haunter and keeps asking silly questions like "Where the Hell are we supposed to store all this stuff?!" Has even mentioned he might make the 2 1/2 hour drive to pick up pink foam for tombstones this year! I thought I might help the neighbors do something similar to these Haunted Mansion tombstones:
The two of them are so lovey, that these would be perfect for them! And of course, we all know, you can't stop with just two tombstones!
Perhaps my dream of having a block-long graveyard will actually come to pass!


  1. Very cool! I wish for the same thing some day.... :) Keep spreading the Halloween love!


  2. How lucky to have such a great neighborhood. If I ever hot the lotto, I am going shopping for a house in a Halloween Town.....Great news for you indeed!


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