Sunday, February 5, 2012

Season of Shadows Update

It was great to get this update from Goldie, John Wolfe's friend and watcher of his blog. I've been dealing with some pretty doggone petty bullshit from some quarters of my life and boy, does this man put everything in perspective! I feel very honored that I've helped to make a small-very small-difference in this man's life at what is most definitely a stress-filled time. John Wolfe is, and will continue to be an inspiration to me, and I hope, to the Hallowe'en community. So without further adieu, the update:

Hi Everyone,

John has been feeling very relaxed naturally and he truly is wrapping up his affairs, of which are just about complete.  At times he feels well enough to have the laptop near him so he can get online.  He has received everyone's emails privately and is overwhelmed by the response.  In addition, he also received the booklet I made for him of all of your messages to him privately threw me.  He is absolutely speechless.  He's actually truly shocked that so many people care that much about him.  (Again an OCD thing for John which has plagued him all of his life.)

He wanted me to make certain to let you all know how much this has moved him.  So much so that he's unable to read everyone's letters and emails because the emotions overwhelm him and he has to come back into a strong place to finish them.  He also wanted me to tell you all how much your friendship has meant to him over the last few years.  He's made some of his best top friends from the Halloween Family and all of your letters proved to him how much so.  He thanks you all for caring so much, for all of your prayers and best wishes....he can feel them and believes that's part of what's helping to keep him strong.  He also wants each of you to know how much he considers YOU the teacher for him.  It's because of everyone support and positive energy that he was so passionately inspired to create as he did.  You all were/are a huge part of John's life and he thanks you all in that it was in the last 5 years of his life.  He loves all of you very much, he misses everyone badly but he's tremendously enjoyed the ride with us all.

He's down to 115 pounds now. He's so dehydrated that his eyes are giving him problems because they all don't have enough liquid in them to maintain proper function.  He's officially no longer eating anything and only has 1/2 of cup of cranberry juice.  At this point he's "willing" his body to stay here so he can wrap up business on a few levels.  His last birthday is coming up on March 19th and he wants to see it through.  Then with his uncle's passing 3 years ago on March 21st, he wants to avoid that date as well.  After such time he feels he'll go rather quickly.  Knowing John as I do, I feel confident he's intuitively feeling this and I can feel it from him.

John absolutely adores all of the letters and comments and video mentions there have been of him.  He was surprised by the response but it's finally starting to set into him just how special he is to all of us and to our planet Earth.  He thanks you a million times over and it brings him to tears everytime he sees them all.  I thank you as well both for John and for myself.  Many of you have been great supporters of me and I thank you kindly from my heart.  SeasonofShadows has always been my addiction while awake and clearly we have the best Halloween family and friends out there!!!  Thank you everyone and I will keep you all posted of any changes.

All My Best, Cynthia
Once again, John, thank you John,  for who you are and have been to those of us whose lives have been touched by you one way or another.

If you are one of those who has read his blog and has not yet said goodbye and thank you to John and has wanted to, please don't wait any longer, as his time is very, very short. Go to this post to get Goldie's contact info.

Have an easy transition, my friend. See you on the other side!

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