Thursday, February 23, 2012

They Live!

Home haunters are dorks. We all know it; there's no use trying to deny our dorkishness. We're also builders and creators of some pretty cool stuff. Add a love of old horror classics, and bam! One day a year, we are the coolest kids on the block.
We are also notoriously cheap, and challenge ourselves to make cool stuff with the least money available.

Enter Make Magazine, Hallowe'en edition (Hat tip to Shadow Manor for reminding me to look up a couple of projects from their pages!), and this tutorial on how to make "They Live" masks. The tutorial looks clear, and if you're decent at painting, your masks should come out very well! And cheap? $20! 

Let's face it, "John Carpenter's They Live" is a Hallowe'en dork's dream costume! OBEY!

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