Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New ShellHawk's Creations Discount

I've decided to throw in my lot with the other vendors who are giving special discounts to the hard-core fans who are stepping up and purchasing their subscriptions in order to resurrect Hauntcast. Sign up, and you will receive a special coupon code to the ShellHawk's Creations Etsy store for 15% off everything in the shop and free shipping on everything but my matted prints. That coupon will be valid through the end of August.

If you're interested, check the Hauntcast blog for the new incentive discounts that are being posted, it seems, almost daily as vendors are finding out about the fan-drive to bring back the show and are stepping forward to help. (Last I saw, Dark Imaginings and Mini Spot Light were offering some nifty discounts.)

Regardless of the results of this "Jerry's Kids Telethon," ;o) I appreciate the support from the die-hard fans of the show. Thanks, guys!

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