Thursday, February 2, 2012

News From the Nest - Operation Baking GALS and Haunted Air

A friend of mine has a nifty blog over at Kimberly Michelle daht calm. A little while ago, she posted about Operation Baking GALS, a group of ladies who bake cookies and brownies, etc. to send to troops in a war zone. (It's a little bit of home in a box, and lets them know they're not forgotten.) She later received a letter from the folks to whom she sent her baked yummies, and I thought, "How cool." I believe in supporting our troops, and what a great way to show support!

I looked into how to join up, and found out that joining Operation Baking GALS is pretty simple. I filled out the application form, and within a week or so, I was approved.

I have a bunch of girlfriends in the neighborhood I thought might be interested, so I forwarded the information to them and already have several interested in joining up. Since it's only a once a month commitment, most of us can reserve a block of time to bake some goodies for the troops. We may even start our own team!

I'll be putting the image and link on my sidebar for any of you who may want to join. Heck, getting a haunters group together for the troops wouldn't be a bad idea, either!

In other news, I was one of those poor people who missed out on the first printing of Ossian Brown's new book, "Haunted Air, which is a collection of vintage photos of people in Halloween costumes of their day." 

There were a bunch of people who bought copies, jacked up the price, and started to sell them on eBay and wherever else they could, but I wasn't willing to shell out the inflated fee, even for a first edition copy. Considering the popularity of the book, I thought I'd stick with Amazon and take a gamble that there would be another printing soon. I put in my order; Amazon always notifies you as to when your product may ship or if there are any changes to your order. Well-hooray for me!-I got notice that they expect to start shipping this fine book again sometime in mid-March! I can't wait!

Oh, and I've just added an Amazon widget to the side bar, (mostly) filled with Hallowe'en goodies for you! There are some movies, books, and music you may enjoy, many of which I've posted about in the past. I'll add to it from time to time, so check it every so often. Be sure to look for the little doohickey that lets you turn pages, 'cause I've added a bunch of things!

O.k., back to my plan for world domination!


  1. that's a really awesome idea! hoping to join in!

  2. Lucky for you on nabbing a copy of Haunted Air. As some might think cutting up a book would be sacrilegious, I would be sooo tempted to pull a few photos from the book and frame them. Wouldn't they look fantastic hanging on the walls at Halloween!


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