Friday, February 17, 2012

Shocktails, Anyone?

What better way to celebrate America's President's Day weekend than to listen to the teaser episode of Shocktail Hour?

Yes, Shocktail Hour is coming out tomorrow, boils and ghouls. Brainchild of Johnny Thunder and Chris Baker, Shocktail Hour is the promised spinoff of popular Hauntcast segment Fright Flicks. It will cover not only movies, but comics, books, and the answer to the burning question that begs an answer: "Exactly how drunk can Chris Baker get and still be able to pronounce his own name?"

J.T. and Chris know the secret of great marketing, which is, "The first hit is always free." That's right, they're throwing this episode out for nothin', honey, to give you a taste of what it would be like to have that juicy, mid-month episode of Hauntcast you've always wanted. If Hauntcast hits 250 subscriptions, you'll get Shocktail Hour every month!

I'm completely floored by the responses starting to flow in from all sorts of unexpected places, like Singapore, for example:
Jon LeongHi Scream Team, I am a listener from Singapore. I'm just wondering if your resurrection fund raiser discounts and raffles, etc will be applicable to contributors outside of the USA?
Newbies who have never heard the show before are subscribing! This from Crypt Keeper on Hauntforum:
ah! I never listened to Hauntcast before... just something about a Podcast versus a video... that I never gave it a chance or a listen or ANYTHING. then 100 dollars a year for a Podcast that I never listened to. No thanks. then the absolute outpouring of support from some very talented, very inspiring people... eh. then discount after discount after discount... hmm.raffle after raffle after raffle... its still 100 bucks! that's a huge chunk of Halloween fund!raffle-raffle-raffle- paypal bill me later- Terra, Stolloween, Allen Hopps (only aranamuerta left to round out the group of web-people that have completely turned me into a Halloween do-it-yourself freak!).. 16 bucks a month... cut back on soda a little bit... not bad. 
PLUS if Hauntcast is even a 1/4 as good as everyone is making it out to be... I dunno. I'm a cheap-cheap-cheap bas----! and you won me over... (OH I forgot the magazine offer too!) Now I just gotta learn the ropes of navigating the Hauntcast site. 
Count me in.
Leonard Pickel has thrown in a pair of passes for Hauntcon for the raffle, and Ed Roberts of West Coast Haunters has thrown in two three-day passes! There's a bunch more happening, and you can check it all out on the Hauntcast subscription page, or check out a past show or two on the past shows page.

Hauntcast. Where all the cool ghouls come out to play. 


  1. that's awesome.

    also, your post title got a song stuck in my head. do you remember the show Ducktales? yeah. thanks for that. ; )

  2. well, I sure hope this works out. I'm a proud subscriber!

  3. Thanks, Pam!

    And Pensive, I never saw Ducktales. But you are always welcome! ;o)


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