Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everyone Is Doing It

So who am I to buck a trend? Pics taken last week while roving the aisles of Michael's searching for stuff for a project. The countdown observed by Halloween enthusiasts everywhere is now on everyone else's radar.

I love the little bats on the coffins!
I just finished re-painting some platic chains for my stirring witch project. They look way better now. These didn't look too bad, either...
Was this supposed to be "Snake Spleen" facial oil? Made in China, no doubt!
If I had the slightest interest in scrapbooking, I would love these papers. Especially the spiders!

I'm not much for the miniature village thing, but I might make an exception for the House of Wax. Maybe I'll make a tiny little screaming victim, too.

After I left Michael's, I had to make a Cosco run. And there they were, just as I walked in the door: costumes for kids!
I guess Iron man will be the big thing this year!


  1. 2nd photo: saw those little wooden coffins. For how cheap they are, they are great find. Haven't picked them up...yet.

    5th photo: lol I'd seen the bottled but dismissed them quick cuz they were cheap looking. Totally missed the spelling mistake!

    6th photo: I stood in front of the paper collection for about 5 minutes trying to come up with a reason that would justify purchasing one. I couldn't come up with one...yet. Though they could be good for signs or just in frames.

    8th pic: Cool pumpkin centrepiece.
    Though if you light those candles, have a fire extinguisher ready.

    13th pic (black and white objects): Here's my current "must haves" - left side, second row from the top. Those skull tassells. I can't justify a purchase (yet) but I hope before the season is over I will have 2 of them.

  2. Hmmmmm . . . I would have expected Iron Man to have been last year's Halloween news. Perhaps there was a production delay in the costume sweatshop. Great photos!

  3. I love Michael's at this time of year.


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