Wednesday, August 19, 2009

While We're Talking About Inspiration

What could be more inspirational than watching Bram Stoker's Dracula? Yes, we all know that Mr. Monotone (a.k.a. Keanu Reeves) should have never been allowed within 20 miles of the sets of this film, but, be that as it may...
The sets, the costuming, Gary Oldman's and Anthony Hopkins' performances, the atmosphere, man! Beautiful! (As an aside, and very strangely, both an ex-boyfriend and an ex-husband worked on this film, in two different departments. Truly chilling!) If you haven't seen this, you should. Here's the trailer:

What woman wouldn't want to be told that a man "crossed oceans of time to find you?" Especially one who looks as hot as Gary Oldman did in that amazing gray suit, top hat and Pince Nez glasses. (And the "I am your servant," comment didn't hurt, either.)I have to add that the score of the movie itself was a pulse, another character in the movie. One of the interesting things about Dracula, the book, versus Dracula, the movie, is the fact that, in the book, Dracula was only a presence throughout the bulk of the book. As has been noted before, a movie about Dracula without seeing Dracula is... Freaking boring.Thus, the love story. It's interesting that Mina chooses Jonathan Harker, rather than Dracula, as her husband. Jonathan seems to me to be a not-so-bright replacement. Perhaps this was the seed of the sexy vampire idea. The idea of the vamire as the seductor is a will-o-the-wisp in the book. It is merely a suggestion, something easily missed in the rest of the story.As he seduces and finally takes Lucy, Mina's friend since childhood, he says, "I condemn you to living death. To eternal hunger for living blood." At last, his teeth fasten on Lucy's throat, and we know the throat he's really craving is Mina's. Next we see Lucy, she's in a glass coffin, like Snow White. And at the very end, Mina defends her master, her eternal lover. In the snow, Quincey's blood is a red gibbering grin. And Van Helsing says, "We've all become God's madmen. All of us."

How could a haunter be uninspired by this?


  1. Now you're talking about one of my favorite movies of all time! It almost has a no-holds-barred campy, over-the-top feel to it at times which is what I think makes it work so well.
    But I take issue with your accessment of Keanu Reeve's superior acting abilities, especially his wooden "". How can you ignore that Oscar-stealing performance? ;)
    I think that the only worse choice for Jonathan Harker might have been either Rob Schneider or RuPaul! Otherwise, the movie is flawless!

  2. Oh, Gary Oldman. In the gray suit.


  3. Mr. M- Eddie Izzard would have given a better performance! But RuPaul: that has some possibilities!

  4. You all have amazing taste. There is nothing out there that has Gary in it that I would not see.

    Did not think of Eddie as Jonathan, but that would be a much better choice.

    Damn, I was trying to burn through Tales from the Crypt, but now I am going to have to watch Dracula tonight!!! Who needs sleep!


  5. Love this movie. I must step forward and wave my man flag and say "damn every women in this film is smoking hot!" and yeah yeah gray suit too...

    Keanu was the bomb in Point Break!

  6. I like this movie very much. No wonder it is part of my DVD collection. I also read the book too but found it boring compared to the movie. I found is book "The Lady of the shroud" more interesting.

  7. Captain-Yup, he was. I just can't get over the Bill and Ted thing. And yes, the women were hot. I so want their costumes (and their weight!)so I can look like that! Wow!
    All I need is the cash, right?

    Pumpkin Brain-Never read that one. I'll have to pick it up after Halloween.

  8. "Wild Stallyns!"

    *air guitar solo*


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