Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Fun With Paint and Other Things

A little update from the overwhelmed Garage of Doom. I took a couple of pics of one of those "note to self" moments.

The base of the cauldron came along pretty well. We had some scrap wood lying around from our raised garden beds, so we used it. Thick, pressure treated wood. Wood meant to be very sturdy.

A month later, I decided to add a fog machine. Problem: the motor was in the way of the hole in the back of the cauldron floor, and the front was blocked by the base. No problem. Get a hole cutter and cut through the base. Through the really thick base.

With typical, almost suicidal optimism, I had Mr. ShellHawk find me the right size hole cutting bit. Too short. Neighbor V brought a longer one over. After about an inch in, it hung up and wouldn't go anymore, flinging the drill around pretty hard. I was lucky not to have been injured. I thought, "Well, there's a woodworker lives across the street. Maybe he can help." He did. He brought over his plug in drill with special side grip and made short work of the hole, but not before commenting that you really didn't need such thick wood.

Wish I'd thought of that.

On a brighter front, I got this little garden statue from Big Lots for half off.
Hate the paint job. You really can't see any details, and the paint they chose really washes her out. Not to worry!Black spray paint to the rescue!Then a nice dry brush of gray paint over the top.I think she looks much better! I can't wait to have her in the cemetery!


  1. Wow, that is a big piece of ...okay, can't type that :D

    Anyway, nice angel, great work making that look so much better!


  2. One interesting thing about building our props is that we tend to learn a lot and become more and more a "handy person".

    I did learn a lot from building my full size toe pincher coffin last year. And this year's teacher is my stirring witch who is, BTW, almost completed. The hand are drying from their last paper mache coat. Next step is to paint them and finally give some clothes to her.

    I very thrilled to see the final result of your stirring witch. And also, I found the way you difused the fog in your cauldron great!

  3. Just had a massive fail on the whole hand thing. Will do a post on that shortly. Still need to complete the head and dress her.

  4. Ah, black spray paint. In the words of Homer Simpson, "Is there nothing it can't do?" :D

    Nice work :)


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