Saturday, August 8, 2009

Groovie Ghoulies

Saturday morning cartoon time!

Although I never noticed it as a child, today, I wonder why the vampire was so... poofy.

From Crackle: Groovie Goolies: Minisode 1

Oh, and? I got a new laptop, thanks to Mr. ShellHawk's generosity! Now I need to figure out why "64-bit" (whatever that is) translates to meaning, "ShellHawk can't run her effing programs and needs Mr. ShellHawk to help set everything up. I'm hoping that Audacity will work with Vista, or I'm going to have to get our old pc out of the mothballs to record the next Haunt Cast segment.

We're going to attempt a cleanup of the old laptop soon, sans battery. It's al;ways good to have a spare lying around, just in case of martini storms!


  1. Woohoo a new computer! XP and Vista 64 bits are crappy operating systems (some programs will just not work with them) we still use XP 32 bits at work because it as not as much issues than the XP and Vista 64 bits. Microsoft will soon release Windows 7 which is supposed to be much more performant and lightweight than Vista and XP. It will probably support old software in a better way too, well... I hope so.

    I would compare Windows Vista with one almost forgotten previous version of Windows: Millenium. It was the most terrible OS Microsoft made ever.

    Hope you be able to record your next HauntCast segment on your new laptop.

  2. Believe me! I know! IRFANVIEW doesn't work, other easy programs don't work... Hopefully I willl get some that work soon.
    At least I get a Windows 7 upgrade free!
    Hate Windows, the commie bastards!

  3. LOL!

    I would love a new laptop.....hum, martini spill on the laptop...not a bad idea. :) I might borrow that from you! :D

    Ah, I hear you on the Vista thing - I switched to XP 64 bit, and my Adobe stuff is not so happy. Good luck. BTW - love Audacity!!

    I have some friends that work at Microsoft....I let them know every time I see them that they work for the dark side...and being in marketing...I am usually on the receiving end of that comment, so it is nice to have someone to make me look less evil :D

    Good luck with the new computer. Looking forward to your next podcast.



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