Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Floating Candelabra

Anyone who has been to the Haunted Mansion will remember the floating candelabra in the long hallway. I look at that and am really impressed with the simplicity and the flow of the motion, as well as the "ooh-ahh" effect it has on people. You can just vaguely see the Haunted Mansion illusion at around the 2:58 mark, as well as a very young Donny Osmond and Kurt Russell.

There's a better view of it here, at the very beginning:

I was running through the Garage of Evil and ran across Ghost Songs' tutorial on the floating candelabra illusion. It has been updated for this year to make it easier to build. (I love folks who keep thinking of how to make things better, even after the project is finished.) While I'm out of time for that prop this year, I think that will be a good one for next year's theme!

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