Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last day to Enter!

Today is the last day you can enter to win some of my hand made jack-o-lanterns. Go to this post for details!
And just to let you know that I've been busy, I'll include pics of my hanging jackos. I think they''ll make a nice addition to any Halloween Tree, don't you?

Again-pics are copyrighted, so please ask permission before you use them!

"They rounded the far side of the house and stopped. For there was the Tree. And it was such a tree as they had never seen in all their lives. It stood in the middle of a vast yard behind the terribly strange house. And this tree rose up some one hundred feet in the air, taller than the high roofs and full and round and well branched, and covered all over with rich assortments of red and brown and yellow autumn leaves."

"But," whispered Tom, "oh, look. What's up in that tree!"

For the Tree was hung with a variety of pumpkins of every size and shape and a number of tints and hues of smoky yellow or bright orange.

"A pumpkin tree," someone said. "No," said Tom. The wind blew among the high branches amd tossed their bright burdens, softly.

"A Halloween Tree," said Tom.

And he was right.

I wanted to give my contest winner the chance to have one of the very first jacko pots I've made, before I start to sell the rest of them. They'll be posted to eBay on Friday. I've also decided to have two winners, with the first name drawn out of the hat getting first pick, and the second name out receives the second jacko.

Good luck, all!


  1. These are wonderful! I cant wait to see your work up on ebay!

  2. Good luck with your ebay sales!! These are great and just in time for the season!!


  3. I love the idea of the hanging Jack-o's. They look great. You'll sell out of them quickly I'm betting.

  4. WOAH! Check out THAT awesomeness. LOVE love love LOVE that you can hang them.


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