Wednesday, August 5, 2009

News From the Nest

Stewie has been chuckling nastily to himself as I've been working in the Garage of Doom. The stirring witch project is proving to be difficult for me, no reflection at all on the kind people who have tried to help me with it via e-mail. I've been having trouble with the linkage that makes the head turn back and forth. My hands are a bit bruised from all the bending of aluminum, and I tried to cut off my thumb with a Dremel. And that damn scarecrow just laughs, forgetting that it was he that was making me sweat last year, that birth is painful. (Jeez, I am SUCH a freakin' drama queen!)

"Dammit Jim! I'm an artist, not a mechanic!"

I suppose the positive part is that I've found a number of different ways NOT to make a linkage. I keep remembering about how Thomas Edison (not that I consider myself to be in the same class of genius-more like class that rides the short bus to school) made something like 1000 or so light bulbs that didn't work before he made the one that did. Here's what the linkage is supposed to look like when it 's turned on.

I'll get it. I will. Dammit! Because after this part is done, I can get on with the cool stuff that I'm actually good at. And like doing. Did I mention that after this, I have a cemetery fence to build, three papier mache pumpkins to finish, gravestones to make, a groundbreaker and a gravestone pop-up to finish? And we're now at 86 days to Halloween? Oh, and? My friend says she's going to see if she can get the local news out here to film. So everything has to be ready at least two to three weeks in advance. School starts August 22 (did I mention I was going back to college to get my AA, then a teaching degree so I can teach art to high schoolers?), and I'm still looking for work?

Jeez! Whine, whine, whine! I always do that when I'm bleeding from power-tool inflicted wounds. At least I didn't cut off anything with the Sawz-All!

So, just so I don't leave you with a pity party, I thought I'd post this, too. Was $34.95, now $14.88. Glow in the dark globe that may look pretty cool someplace in a haunt. From Gardener's Supply, which is having a big sale right now. Don't forget the end-of season statuary stuff should be on sale pretty soon, so it should be a great addition for the ol' graveyard!

UPDATE: Thank all the gods and goddesses! It's done and working. It's LOVELY to have a neighbor who used to be an engineer! Next: on to the good stuff!


  1. LOL!! You have the BEST blog posts. Always make me smile. And inspire me to get off my computer and make some props!!


  2. Good Lawd that is one hot mess of a garage floor in that video! THIS is what you are aiming to copy??? Thank goodness for neighborhood engineers, because whoever posted that video needs some SERIOUS councilling.

    HeHEhe! Glad you are getting it worked out!

  3. So you got it working. Very nice then! Good luck with all those projects, you have a lot of work ahead.

  4. That's the hot mess of creativity, baby!
    It's workin' just fine, now. Took a day off to savor it (and do domestic goddess work like grocery shopping and vacuuming). Back in tomorrow, with any luck.
    Thanks, Dave! Your help to this short bus person has been invaluable!


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