Friday, August 21, 2009

Small Sewer, Isn't It?

It's really interesting how things work. I recently took a page from the Frog Queen's book and gave it a slight twist... I've decide to raise funds for the local high school art department. Due to budget cuts, they're suffering, too. I thought, "Why not pass the hat and see what comes out? Haunters can raise money, too. Look at the Garage of Evil's 'Save the Boobies' campaign!" And they weren't talking about birds, either.

Last week, I called the high school and left a message for the vice principal, who apparently then passed it on to the art department. A lovely lady called back today and talked to me about it. There were a couple of kids in the classroom, too. Guess whose kids they were? Spider Rider's! How freaking cool is that?! A neighbor, and I didn't even know it! Neat-O! To the third degree!

Anyhow, the teacher who contacted me was really floored by the idea that I'd arrange this, and kept telling me how generous I was, etc. Now, honestly, I didn't make the call to be a hero, but it really made me feel good that I got a call back, and that I really can help, even a little bit. I'm under no illusions that I can solve their budget problems, but if I can help to raise awareness and take a little of the edge off, I'm really happy.

And the first thing she did was ask if I needed help. Wow! How great, huh? Of course, I'll accept help, and if it works out o.k., timewise, I might be able to add a couple more effects to the haunt and flesh out my story more.

The story of... Dah dah DAAAAAAHHH! The Witch of Rose Hill! Ta-da! (Insert big fanfare here.)

Lots of roses in the front yard, now, and they'll be far more established next year. I'm creating a back story for the Witch, and it's starting to shape everything beautifully. I think it actually works! What's really a kick is that my honey and I were talking about the giant dead patch of grass in the front yard, how it makes us both nuts, and what to do about it. He suggested ripping out the dead sod and putting in some plants, and I mentioned, gently, that as long as it doesn't disturb the graveyard... Well. I suppose it would be alright. He looked stricken and immediately suggested just replacing all the sod out front next Spring. Sounded good to me. (Do I have the world's greatest husband, or what?)

Back to our art teacher. She says she's a Halloween enthusiast, too, and wants to learn. So I may actually have help on my "Beloved" tombstone, which is starting to tie in with my story in a big way. Thank goodness! That task was beginning to look daunting this late in the Season. An extra pair or two of competent hands will be most welcome. Hopefully, we won't have the Frog Queen's "Banana" Syndrome! :o) Honestly, I'm sure I won't. This lady sounds super-competent and in the right frame of mind. I'm downright honored to have her along on this crazy ride!

Also, note To Self: Start building in November this year! Dang it!


  1. Kudos to you! School art's programs are suffering and anyone who helps is a hero in my book!

  2. Ah, you made me smile. I hate when I smile....makes people link I might be nice or something.

    Anyway, great idea! I have to say our experience with the dance team and the theater companies high school playwrighting program have been one of the most rewarding parts of having that graveyard. (In fact we just got a call from the theater and our local high school just got added to the program thanks to our support!) I hope you have the same experiences.

    I would love to compare stories.

    Can hardly wait to see your haunt this year!!



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