Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monster Guts Nerve Center

Some of you are ready for this. You've haunted awhile, and you need to take the next step.

You need to make it "one louder."

Enter Monster Guts Nerve Center. Far better than the sledge-o-matic, this here new-fangled thing from Monster Guts is a pretty sexy prop controller. But don't ask me how it works, 'cause the prop controller is a new concept to me.

Ask the experts. When you can't get ahold of them, ask Steve-O and Geoff from the Garage of Evil. Just remember, these guys are somewhat colorful in their language. (Read: don't show this to your kids or play at work.)

I have gotta get me one of those things!


  1. Informative and entertaining! Maybe someday I'll actually give this a shot. Thanks for sharin!

  2. I love listening to them! When Hauntcast is on in the shop, everyone cracks up during....well the whole thing...but they actually pay attention during this part! :D

    Cool prop controller....but husband has a "relationship" with Jon and John at EFX-TEK....I try not to ask, I don't want to know :D

    Thanks for sharing, this was fun.



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