Friday, August 14, 2009

I Finally Figured Out

what "64 bit" means! I am so excited I figured it out on my very ownsome!

It means I can't effing get 75% of the programs I love/need to run on my new computer!

Wow. I am so relieved and proud I translated that without any help from anybody.

Is it October yet? Can I get my bloody Windows 7 upgrade that had better freaking work with what I need before I scrap everything and go Apple?


By the way, if you need motors, etc. for any of your props, seriously consider using Monster Guts. I had a little problem with one of their products, and they were kind enough to do some over-the-phone troubleshooting. No hassle, just a great attitude!

I wish they would take over Microsoft.

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  1. Monster Guts definitively know what technical support means. They are really helpful and answers fast even when your questions are dump ones (I asked some really dump question to them, really a shame)

    Regarding Windows, I did the same mistake myself, installed Windows XP 64 one time on my new PC. Took near 2 hours to make the printer work and suprise! Almost any program not made by Microsoft was not working. Great! I formatted everything and reinstalled a Windows XP 32 bit.

    You could also switch to a Linux or Ubuntu instead of Microsoft. But in my opinion I do believe they are a pain in the a**. I could argue for hours on that subject but that would only interest the geek in me. Hope you get everything in order before you change for Apple, because I don't like them either. ;-)


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